A male, who is a direct lineal descendant of a resident of the Republic of Texas prior to February 19, 1846, is eligible for membership upon submission of the appropriate SRT membership application, payment of the required fee and approval of the Historian General, Secretary General and President General. All initial and/or processing fees are non-refundable.

Types of Membership

(under 18)
Junior members pay no annual dues, and may not vote or hold office. At age 18 they are automatically upgraded to regular membership. Applicants for junior membership pay a, one time, non-refundable application fee of $50.
(18 or over)
Dues for regular members are $50 a year. Applicants for regular membership pay a non-refundable application fee of $75. Their dues are waived for the current year.
LIFE Life membership, which exempts members from payment of annual dues, is open to a member of any age for a fee based on their age. Junior members shall become Life Members upon payment of $1,000.00. Regular members between the ages of 18 and 40 years shall become Life Members upon payment of $750.00. Regular members over the age of 40 years shall become Life Members upon payment of $600.00. New Applicants for life membership pay this fee in addition to a seperate check (processing fee) of $50.
HONORARY Honorary membership is granted to a maximum of three people a year by vote of the general membership. Honorary members, who cannot be eligible by reason of lineal descent, are chosen for having rendered outstanding service to Texas by furthering the aims and goals of the Sons of the Republic of Texas.
POSTHUMOUS Application for posthumous membership may be made on behalf of any deceased person who would otherwise be eligible for membership, so long as his death occurred after the founding of the SRT (March 30,1922). The $150 fee includes processing and a bronze grave marker.


See Renewal Below


All donations in excess of the annual dues are tax deductible. Dues are payable in advance for each calendar year. A member can vote and hold office in one chapter, but can hold dual membership in other chapters on payment of $6.00 for each additional chapter. A member may transfer his membership affiliation to another chapter, but must request in writing. A processing fee of $30 must be paid for each supplemental ancestor that the SRT acknowledges.

Annual Dues

Annual dues shall be assessed for the calendar year, January 1 to December 31, and shall be payable in advance to the Organization. Dues will be considered delinquent ninety (90) days after January 1 of the then current year, and after dues become delinquent the member may be suspended for non-payment of dues at the direction of the Executive Committee. A prior notice of delinquent members will be sent to the chapter prior to the annual meeting.


After a membership suspension, a member may be dropped from active membership and denied all benefits arising there from. A member, suspended for non-payment of dues may be reinstated by paying dues for the year's which his reinstatement is effective ($50) and a fifty $50.00 reinstatement fee.

Below, please find the applications in both Word and PDF. If you need assistance in getting the application process started, please refer below to the "Chapters" section for email addresses of the District Representatives. They are willing to help or direct you to someone who could. Do not Forget that ALL submitted fees are Not Refundable.

Please understand that the old 8.5x14 applicatios will be returned, sorry. It should also be noted that these applications are designed and used as a four(4) page document. If yours prints as a five (5) page document, then one or more of the pages has over run a line or two. The Enter key has been used to advance to the next line and must be deleted.

Chapter # Name District Rep
 Houston  1  San Jacinto  Robert Schnuriger
 Galveston  2  Sidney Sherman  Robert Schnuriger
 Temple  3  George W. Tyler   Bart Hornsby
 Richmond  5  Mirabeau B. Lamar  Robert Schnuriger
 Angleton  6  Stephen F. Austin  Raymond Beall
 San Antonio  7  William B. Travis  John Meehan
 Dallas   8   Thomas J. Rusk  David Rediger
 Refugio   9   James Power   Raymond Beall
 Liberty   10   Hugh B. Johnson   Marshall Brown
 Arlington  11   Arlington   David Rediger
 Austin   12   Moses Austin  Bart Hornsby
 Waco  13   George B. Erath   Bart Hornsby
 Bryan  14   William Joel Bryan  John Hicks
 Navasota  15   Greenwood-Stoneham   John Hicks
 Victoria  16   Thomas O'Conner   Raymond Beall
 Corpus Christi  17   H.L. Kinney  Raymond Beall
 Marshal  18   Edward Clark   Jeffrey Owens
 Nacogdoches  19   Adolphus Sterne   Larry Lucas
 San Augustine  20  Alexander Horton  Larry Lucas
 Huntsville  21   Henderson Yoakum   John Hicks
 Salado  22   Sterling C. Robertson  Bart Hornsby
 Wharton  23   William H. Wharton  Raymond Beall
 Edna  24   Texana   Raymond Beall
 Goliad  25   La Bahia   Raymond Beall
 Amarillo  26   James Bowie   Robert Steakley
 Lubbock  27   Thomas S. Lubbock   Robert Steakley
 Beaumont  28   Henry Millard   Marshall Brown
 Gonzales  29   Gonzales   John Meehan
 Conroe  30   George B. Madeley   Marshall Brown
 Corsicana  31   George W. Hill   Jeffrey Owens
 Clear Lake  32   Jean B. Bavoux   Robert Schnuriger
 Hemphill  33   Sabine   Larry Lucas
 Brenham  34   William Mayfield   John Hicks
 Bay City  35   Matagorda   Raymond Beall
 Fort Worth  36   Ephram M. Daggett  David Rediger
 Round Rock  37   Albert S. Johnston   Bart Hornsby
 Katy  38   Sam Houston   Marshall Brown
 Abilene  39   Anson Jones   Robert Steakley
 San Antonio  40  Alamo  John Meehan
 Midland  41   John S. "Rip" Ford   Robert Steakley
 Benbrook  42   Samuel Givens Evetts   David Rediger
 Manvel  43   James P. Cladwell   Robert Schnuriger
 El Paso  44   El Paso   Robert Steakley
 Mesquite  45   Ranger John Beeman   David Rediger
 Baytown  46   Ashbel Smith   Marshall Brown
 Granbury  47  David Crockett   David Rediger
 Fredricksburg  48   John O. Meusebach   John Meehan
 Shelby County  49   Gateway to Texas   Larry Lucas
 New Braunfels  50   Prince Carl of Solms-Bruanfels   John Meehan
 New Mexico  51   Andrew Kent   Robert Steakley
 Tyler  52   Piney Woods   Jeffrey Owens
 La Grange  53   Monument Hill   John Hicks
 Burnet  54   Noah Smithwick   Bart Hornsby
 Fairfield  55   Henry Awalt   Jeffey Owens
 Lufkin  56   Milton Irish   Larry Lucas
 Odessa  57   Jesse Chisolm   Robert Steakley
 The Woodlands/Conroe  58   Lone Star  Marshall Brown
 Athens  59   James George  Jeffrey Owens
 Pasadena  60   Erastus “Deaf” Smith   Robert Schnuriger
 Castroville  61   Henri Castro   John Meehan

District Representatives 2022

Standing (L to R):
Marshall Brown - Lone Star District
Bob Steakley, KSJ - Frontier District
Steve Manis, KSJ - San Jacinto District
Jason Chall - Heart of Texas District

Not Shown:
Jim Toungate - Post Oak District
Devin Lindsey - North Central District
George Nelson - Brazos Valley District
Russell Brown - Piney Woods District
open - North East District

Each of the people listed in the attached documents were a citizen in the Republic of Texas (1836-1846), a few have different (multiple) spellings. The descendants of these people are eligible to apply for membership in The Sons of the Republic of Texas. This listing can not be used as the required proof to gain SRT Membership, but is supportive of your efforts. This listing is updated as new members are enrolled with different ancestors. The requirements are listed on the Membership Page. This listing is to provide information to assist in genealogy research. If you need more information on the names listed below, please contact the District Representative that is in your area, SRT District Representatives.

If you wish to obtain more information on a specific Ancestor, print, complete, and mail the Ancestor Request form below. There is a non-refundable, $10 charge per ancestor request.

The lists are alphabetized by Last Name!

Select the file below. It is in PDF form and lists all qualifying ancestors and their application numbers.

This list reflects the grave sites of deceased Past Presidents General of the SRT. Most are known, but a few are still being sought after.

If you can help us with this information, please contact the SRT headquarters by clicking here.

Living Past Presidents General of the SRT.

If any of the information is incorrect, please contact the SRT headquarters by clicking here.

All Past Presidents General of the SRT from 1922-2024.