The Sons of the Republic of Texas, Inc. (“SRT”) consists of members who are direct lineal descendants of those that settled the Republic of Texas prior to February 19, 1846, when Texas merged with the United States as the 28th state. The SRT traces its origins back to April, 1893, and the Texas Veterans Association, which was comprised of members that actually lived in the Republic of Texas. It was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1934.

Annual Meeting 2024
The Sons of the Republic of Texas, 102nd Meeting

March 8-10, 2024

Hilton Graden Inn, Granbury, Texas

Granbury, Texas, Hilton Graden Inn, (817) 579-3800;635 East Pearl Street. cut off February 7, 2024. The room costs $169.00 Plus Tax. Please State you are with The Sons of The Republic of Texas.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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Quarterly Meetings:

2024 SRT Events:

March 2....................Texas Independence Day

March 6.....................Fall of the Alamo

March 27..................Goliad Massacre (Palm Sunday-1836)

April 21.....................San Jacinto Day (2PM - monument)

August 5...................Texas Ranger Day

September 21..........Texian Navy Day (3rd Saturday of September)

October 2.................Battle of Gonzales

November 3..............Stephen F. Austin’s Birthday (Father of Texas)


The purpose of the SRT shall be to perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved the independence of Texas, set the young Republic upon its high course among the nations of the world, and finally secured its admission as a state of the United States of America.


The mission of the SRT shall be to: (a)Encourage research and publication of historical records and documents prior to and during the Republic of Texas; (b)Foster the preservation of historic sites, documents, and artifacts, prior to February 19, 1846; (c)Participate in community activities, which remind the public of its Republic of Texas heritage; and (d)Organize, promote, publicize and commemorate the observance of the following historical dates of the Republic of Texas.

Texas Independence Day March 2
Fall of the Alamo March 6
Goliad Massacre March 27 (Palm Sunday - 1836)
San Jacinto Day April 21
Texas Ranger Day August 5
Texian Navy Day 3rd Saturday in September
Battle of Gonzales October 2
Stephen F. Austin's Birthday November 3


The SRT shall organize and promote public recognition of dates and places of historical significance to the Republic of Texas with monuments and other


The purpose of the SRT Proclamation shall be to establish an organizational purpose in maintaining the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved the independence of Texas. This proclamation shall be used as our guidline in reference to any proposed change to Texas history that alters the story of the young Republic in its high course among the nations of the world.

Eleven September 2021 Statement

Standing (L to R):

Michael Young, KSJ - Chaplain General
Jeff Corbin - Historian General
Kenneth Pfeiffer, KSJ - Executive Committeeman
Richard Weitzel, KSJ - Executive Committeeman

Seated (L to R):

Steve Manis, KSJ - Treasurer General
Ronald Brown, KSJ - First Vice President General
Randy Pollard, KSJ - President General
Michael Wilson, KSJ - Second Vice President General

Not Shown: Devin Lindsey - Secretary General

The highest honor bestowed by The Sons of the Republic of Texas is election of a member to knighthood in the Order of San Jacinto. This elite honorary organization was established in 1843 by General Sam Houston, leader of the victorious Texans at the Battle of San Jacinto. The honor is accorded to those who have rendered outstanding service to Texas, in keeping with the mission, purpose and goals of The Sons of the Republic of Texas. Only three members may be elected to the order in any one year.

To be eligible for Knighthood in the Order of San Jacinto, a person must be an active member of The Sons of the Republic of Texas, either by lineal descent or as an honorary member. In addition, he must have performed outstanding service to the State of Texas, made a sacrifice beyond the call of duty on her behalf, or by his talents and efforts, contributed to the proud heritage of Texas.

Back Row - Left to Right:
Michael Young, KSJ; Dennis Giuffré, KSJ; Denton Bryant, KSJ; Steve Manis, KSJ; Michael Wilson, KSJ; Kenneth Pfeiffer, KSJ; and Richard Weitzel, KSJ

Front Row - Left to Right:
Ronald Brown, KSJ; L Vaughn Oliver, KSJ; Sam Clark, KSJ; Randy Pollard, KSJ; Bob Steakley, KSJ; and Robert Kendall, KSJ

Not pictured:
Edward A Heath, KSJ; Billy Johnson, KSJ; Charlie Fogarty, KSJ; Joe R. Davidson, KSJ; David Hanover, KSJ; Alfred McCutcheon, KSJ; Tom Houston, KSJ; and Tom Green, KSJ

The first Sons of the Republic of Texas was formed on April 21, 1893, at Richmond, Texas, by several sons and grandsons of veterans of the Texas Revolution. Their main purpose was to accompany the Texas Veterans Association members to their annual reunions. The Texas Veterans Association ceased to exist when its last member, Alphonso Steele, died in 1911. With the demise of the Texas Veterans Association, the Sons of the Republic of Texas slowly became inactive.

On March 2, 1922, the ideals of the Texas Veterans Association adopted by the first Sons of the Republic of Texas once again inspired the formation of a new organization. Its revitalization was due in a large part by the realization that Texas heritage would not be remembered without constant reminders to the community. Membership requirements for the SRT were broadened to include any male being a direct descendant of a resident of the Republic of Texas. The San Jacinto Chapter, located in Houston, Texas, received the first charter. On October 20, 1934, the SRT was incorporated under the laws of Texas as a non-profit corporation.

The SRT has been an active leader in preserving Texas’ rich heritage. In 1936, the SRT was instrumental in the design and construction of the San Jacinto Monument and the founding of the Museum. In 1957, the SRT influenced the Texas legislature to appropriate funds for the construction of the Texas State Library and Archive Building. In 2003, the SRT and other historical organizations worked with the Texas legislature to designate March as Texas History Month. In 2005, the SRT led the movement for the Texas legislature to designate the third Saturday in September of each year as Texian Navy Day.

The Sons of the Republic of Texas (“SRT”) values and respects the privacy of each of its members. We never knowingly keep your driver’s license or social security numbers. Should your social security number, driver’s license number, or any other sensitive personal information that you do not want divulged, be on an application, it is your responsibility to remove it before submitting.

Your name and home address are released to SRT District Representatives, chapter presidents, and to other SRT members. Our communication operations require the need to have your name and address in our records. SRT applications are digitized and put on a DVD; these DVDs are in the public domain. By submitting your application for membership, you acknowledge acceptance of this policy.

Since one of the goals of the SRT is to promote and facilitate genealogical research, all information contained in your membership application is open to the public. Except for some family Bible information, all of the information you use to compile your application is available from public sources.

A. Purposes:

The purposes of The Sons of the Republic of Texas, Inc. (“SRT”) and chapter websites, social media sites, electronic newsletters, and emails are:

  1. To provide accurate and current information about the SRT, its services and activities.
  2. To encourage participation of members, groups and the public in the SRT and chapter activities and events.
  3. To provide contact information and assistance, by including the Executive Committee members, district representatives, chapter officers, and the SRT calendar, including website and email links.
  4. Promote the purpose, mission and goals of the SRT.

B. Definitions:

"Domain Name": An dentification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). (Ex. – in this example, “” is the domain name)

"Internet Presence": Any domain or IP address listed and/or published on the worldwide web (WWW) using any sort of programming code.

"IP": Internet Protocol address – assigned to each computer registered on the network.

"Social Media Sites": include, but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or any other form of electronic internet presence meant to promote the SRT.

"SRT": The Sons of the Republic of Texas

C. Internet Presence:

The SRT encourages chapters to create and maintain World Wide Web and social media sites, electronic newsletters, and emails to promote the purpose, mission, and goals of the SRT as set forth in the SRT Constitution and Bylaws. Chapter websites, social media sites, electronic newsletters, and emails are avenues for educating and providing information to its members and the public. The Information Technology Committee can assist chapters in these endeavors, help with technological challenges, and, in doing so, shall protect the interests of the SRT.

D. Creation:

Before creation of a website or social media site, chapters can contact the Information Technology Committee for guidelines and assistance, including domain name registrations and IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. The committee has created many sites and is experienced in creating, programming, and commissioning them; the committee is a resource for chapters and members.

E. Contact:

The content of the chapter websites, posts on any social media sites, electronic newsletters, emails, and any link(s) are strictly controlled by this policy.

  1. The only official position of the SRT on any issue is that of the Executive Committee. Any other statement issued by any chapter or member is a personal opinion and shall not be styled as an “official SRT” position.
  2. At no time shall personal politics, commercial enterprises, controversial, political and/or issues not authorized by the Executive Committee be posted or displayed.
  3. Commercial or personal advertising of any sort is not permitted on any chapter website or social media sites, electronic newsletters, or emails, unless approved by the Executive Committee.
  4. Chapters or members may not use the SRT’s websites or social media sites to link or otherwise access to their personal pages, other servers, or online services.
  5. Contact the Information Technology Committee anytime there are concerns about a website, social media post, electronic newsletter, email, or any electronic issue/picture/depiction viewed on any SRT site. Similarly, consult with the committee prior to posting any item for which there may be a potential for concern.
  6. Avoid the “mad” email or social media response when becoming upset or concerned about an issue that may arise; wait 24 hours before sending a response on such issues. Whether one is officially representing the SRT or not, rash responses may reflect poorly on the SRT.

F. Trademark and Copyrights:

  1. Chapters must not violate the SRT's copyright(s), trademark(s), service mark(s), or other intellectual property rights.
  2. A picture, image, or document available on the Internet does not mean that the item is not protected by copyright laws; obtain permission from the owner prior to publishing the item. Contact the Information Technology Committee, if assistance is needed.

G. Administrative Rights:

In order to protect the interests of the SRT, the Information Technology Committee Chairman and/or selected committee member(s) shall contact the First Vice President General to report any perceived problem. The Information Technology Committee members shall monitor every SRT chapter website and every chapter social media site(s).

H. Authority:

  1. The Executive Committee shall be the final authority on any and all matters related to this policy.
  2. Situations not addressed in this policy shall be reviewed by or referred to the Executive Committee for vote/approval.
  3. It is not the intent of this policy to interfere with the normal day-to-day operations of a chapter’s website or social media sites. Chapter presidents/members are encouraged to promote, add, and maintain their own chapter’s social media. The Information Technology Committee is available for additional resources and guidance, if needed.

I. Official Links and Documents:

  1. The only official website of the SRT is located at
  2. All chapter websites or social media pages shall contain a link which references back to the main SRT website.
  3. Any reference to the authorized SRT membership applications (PDF or Word format) shall be made via a link to the main SRT website. Membership applications shall not be posted to chapter websites or social media sites; applications change from time to time, and allowing multiple sites to have applications posted on them may result in wrong versions being available on the Internet.
  4. Carefully review all links made to chapter websites or social media sites; some links auto-forwarded to sites do not represent the best interest of the SRT.

J. Newsletters:

The SRT encourages all chapters to utilize and maintain electronic newsletters as often as practicable. All electronic newsletters shall be subject to this policy

The SRT encourages all chapters t0 utilize and maintain electronic newsletters as often as practicable. All electronic newsletters shall be subject to this policy

K. Email:

  1. When sending out "bulk" emails, it is imperative that all persons addressed in the email wish to be a recipient of bulk SRT emails; current federal commerce laws require a link with the ability ot "opt out" of bulk emails. The following is an example of a paragraph that should be added to the bottom of bulk emails:
    "This email was sent to you by XX Chapter of The Sons of the Republic of Texas. If you no longer wish to receive emails of this nature, please click here (hot link placed here) or email us at"
    If someone requests removal from the email distribution, promptly remove the address, and notify the requestor that the address has been removed.
  2. Do not use an email address from the SRT containing a member's name ir title with the SRT, or in any other manner appearing to be an "official" SRT document for personal opinions, or to solicit personal, commercial or non-profit issues.

L. Violations

The SRT reserves all rights allowed by law and equity to enforce this policy, including those rights given by its Constitution and Bylaws.